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AI Robotisation of Mutual Fund Selection 101

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    AI Robotisation of Mutual Fund Selection 101
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About This Course

How can we survive digital death? I don’t mean some SkyNet autonomous drone scenario; I mean obsolescence. Digitalisation is radically changing the asset management industry. Fund research is no different. Machine-learning can revolutionise the way investors both select mutual funds and manage their portfolios. This 1 hour lecture covers the key issues facing the human condition, fund analysis techniques and map potential algorithmic models. This module provides key groundwork for you to survive (and thrive) in the New Fund Order.

Course Staff

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'JB' Beckett

Author and Founder- New Fund Order, Director – Association of Professional Fund Investors

@JonSBeckett #newfundorder He is an author, fund gatekeeper, consultant, responsible investor, hotrodder, columnist, curator, speaker, fintech and boutique fund advocate. 'JB' has over 17 years of experience in fund selection, AM strategy and governance.

Specialties: Fund selection, strategy, governance, macro, non executive, wealth proposition design and investment office. Globally mobile


We will empower Finance professionals to acquire the necessary digital understanding and entrepreneurial skills to play a leading role in the future of Banking, Insurance and Asset Management globally. Make technology disruption work for you by being a step ahead!

Susanne Chishti CEO, FINTECH Circle & FINTECH Circle Institute

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