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Blockchain: Moving from POC to Reality

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    Blockchain: Moving from POC to Reality
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About This Course

An easy-to- understand explanation of how blockchain / distributed ledger technology generally works and what it is, followed by an explanation of some of the difficulties people have faced moving from the “concept” of blockchain to actually using blockchain in a real world environment.

Within 1 hour you will learn the key terms and concepts behind the “distributed ledger”, become familiar with some of the key recent developments in relation to the technology, and gain insight of some of the compliance issues relating to using the technology.

The Class is designed for beginners, as well as discussing issues of interest for the more experienced. Start your Blockchain journey today!

Course Staff

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James Burnie

Associate, Financial Services, Eversheds Sutherland

James is an associate in the financial institutions group at Eversheds Sutherland (International) LLP, specialising in UK and EU financial services regulation as well as FinTech.

He advises blockchain businesses, crypto-currency providers, AI solutions firms and automated advice providers, ranging from large institutions such as high street banks to start-ups. He advises clients in the FCA’s sandbox, as well as provides assistance on FinTech acquisitions. James regularly lectures on FinTech, has been selected to co-author the RegTech book, whose authorship is crowd-sourced through a voting process, and published on blockchain with the Journal of International Banking and Financial Law.

James has an MA from Cambridge University, and a specialist corporate and commercial LLM from the London School of Economics, where he chose as a specialism Information Technology and the Law.


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