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Robo-advisor is not a bot

About This Course

New technologies have the potential to grow the economy and make society more equal. On the other hand, inequality in an access to innovation and different speed of technologies adoption can all undermine these opportunities. These are the questions all companies and all individuals face right now.

Within 1 hour and 20 minutes you will understand what is behind the robo-advisors` phenomenon. You will discover new technologies and industry trends. And you will see the future of robo-advisors. You will be surprised of the science achievements. This knowledge will help you be positioned right as a professional and a person in the era of digitization.

Course Staff

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Katarina Prozorova

Founder, CEO, Chief AI Officer - Robo-Advisor IIWOII

Katarina is a founder of the Robo-advisor IIWOII - the real time decisions engine offering automated personal financial advice in Russia, online financial planner and applications allocator. She also founded the First Investment Boutique for Women in Russia in 2012.Katarina has been selected to co-author the Wealthtech book.

From 2000 to 2012 she acted as the public relations officer (government owned regional investment/trust company), back-officer (asset management for pension funds), back-officer, account-manager, VIP-account manager, international settlement officer, equity analyst (Timber, Pharma), risk manager (asset management/brokerage company), credit analyst (Capital goods, Construction, Real-Estate), (international rating agency), Head or Risk (HNWI asset management company, algo-trading ), project manager (automation of non-performing banks loans` core bank business processes and in risk-management projects for investment companies).

Katarina has an MBA from California State University, 1.0, 5.0 certificates (brokerage and asset management), Doctor of Medicine degree and Public Health Master degree. Katarina is participating in Artificial Intelligence certification programs


We will empower Finance professionals to acquire the necessary digital understanding and entrepreneurial skills to play a leading role in the future of Banking, Insurance and Asset Management globally. Make technology disruption work for you by being a step ahead!

Susanne Chishti CEO, FINTECH Circle & FINTECH Circle Institute

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